From the recreational skater to the high-performance athlete, The Sandy Shores Skating Club offers
a wide range of skating programs to help every skater achieve their full potential. We have on-going registration and all fees are pro-rated.


CanSkate is Skate Canada’s nationally standardized learn-to-skate program.

Led by Skate Canada Certified coaches and designed for beginners of all ages, the program focuses on basic skill development in an energetic, progressive and fun atmosphere.

As Canada’s official learn-to-skate program, CanSkate provides a pathway for skaters to enjoy skating recreationally, or go on to participate in ice sports such as figure skating, hockey and speed skating.


Our Learn to Train - Primary program gives skaters the utmost advantage to develop their skills quickly and more importantly, correctly at a young age. Like our CanSkate program, we continue to focus on the ABC's of skating - Agility, Balance, and Control, but have tailored these programs to create a solid foundation for development that you won't find anywhere else.

This is the first step to high-performance skating.

Hockey Figure Skating

The Primary Hockey program is designed
for skaters who are ages 7-8 and who are entering hockey at the Novice level.

It is recommended that your skater is comfortable performing skills such as 2-foot skiing, backward 'bubbles', and backward
1-foot glides for 3 seconds or longer.

If they're not at this level, we encourage you to enrol them in CanSkate until they have passed the Stage 3 badge (purple group).

Skaters in Primary Hockey will work on developing hockey specific skills from stride technique to stick handling.

The Primary Figure Skating program is designed for skaters who have passed
their Stage 3 badge (purple group) and
who are looking to develop skating skills
specific to figure skating.

While this is a non-competitive program, skaters will begin to acquire new skills that focus on preparing them for the entry level world of competitive figure skating.



The Junior program is designed for figure skaters excelling past the Primary level. Skaters begin to work on the various Skate Canada - Tests and although not manditory, they will begin or continue
to enter competitions suitable for their skill level.

Skaters will received both group and private lessons in this program and will also be granted free time to work on whatever skills they wish! Lesson fees are not included with your registration, but invoiced directly from your coaches.


Intermediate figure skaters are working on Skate Canada tests up to and including Senior Bronze freeskate, dance, and skills. Skaters at this level begin to land their Axel consistently and continue to work on their double jumps. We encourage our skaters to enter more competitions to prepare them for our Train to Compete program. Both private and group lessons are necessary at this level.



The Train to Compete program is for our senior level figure skaters striving to compete at the provincial level and beyond. Skaters at this level can typically land all of their doubles (2S-2Lz) and are working on their double Axel and triples. Both private and group lessons are necessary at this level.


We would like to acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of BC.